Booking And Rates

Are you ready to go fishing? I thought so! On this page you will discover our money saving rate plans along with other information about your proposed fishing trip.

Bug-A-Bass Guide Service – Affordable Rates

Our rate plan For All Types Of Fishing Expeditions extend up to one half day which equals a full 6 hours. When you pay for a 6 hour trip, you will fish for a full 6 hours no matter how the fishing is going. If the fishing is great, many guides will end your trip early. Not us! If you catch your limit for one species, guess what? We will go fishing for one of your other favorite species! We will keep you fishing for the time agreed upon no matter how the fishing is going.

Striper Trip Rates

Our fishing expeditions are fully furnished with the latest equipment. You are responsible for your drinks, snacks, fishing license and a cooler to transport your fish home.

1/2 Day Rate "One Or Two Persons = $300.00

Full Day Rate "One Or Two Persons = $550.00

Each Additional Person = Only $50.00

Catfish Trip Rates

Our primary boat is a twenty two foot trophy deep V Center Console, set up for your comfort. With this boat, you will never have to worry about spray hitting you in the face!

1/2 Day Rate One Or Two Persons = $250.00

Full Day Rate One Or Two Persons = $375.00

Each Additional Person = $50.00

Please Note!

We respectfully request that any catfish over 15 lbs in weight be released for the following reason:

This type of fish is considered a breeder, which is a female that ensures our fish population for many years into the future.

In the event that your fish qualifies as a lake record, we will have it weight certified and provide all the documentation to have your trophy registered with the Texas Parks And Wildlife Department, provided you agree to release the fish back into the wild.  You will also receive beautiful photos of you with your trophy fish so that you will always remember your experience with Bug-A-Bass Guide Service!  This service is absolutely free to you as a Bug-A-Bass Client!

Sandbass Trip Rates

Our secondary boat is a twenty two foot pontoon boat and is fully equipped for your fishing pleasure.  We furnish you with rods and reels, lures and live bait – everything you could hope for in a fishing trip!

1/2 Day Rate One Or Two Persons = $250.00

Full Day Rate One Or Two Persons = $375.00

Each Additional Person = $50.00

Night-Fishing-Trips Available


Summer Months Only!!!!!!

Night fishing is more enjoyable at night and can also prove to be more prosperous with your catch!

The night costs are the same as day fishing.

Bug-A-Bass Deposit Policy

To set up your fishing trip properly and make sure that your fishing guide is available, a deposit is required. The deposit for the 6 hour trip is as follows:

$100.00 is required at the time the fishing trip is booked.

Your deposit is fully refundable providing notice is given within 14 days prior to the date your trip is scheduled to begin.

In the event of bad weather, we will reschedule the trip to your earliest convenience, providing your guide is available. Your deposit is not normally refundable in the case of bad weather, but we here at Bug-A-Bass understand that unusual circumstances do happen. If any problems do arise, please call or email us and we will be happy to work with you!

Updated 05-02-2012